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Want to get Lucky this Saturday night? Join us in Money Tree every Saturday Night for an hour of  Lucky Jumping Games!


Our newest batch of Saturday Night Lucky Games feature prizes that just won’t sit still! These jumping games offer some incredible prizes, with up to £100 on a single game during the hour!


Will you get lucky and Bingo when the prize is high? Or will it drop before you can claim your winnings? These games will have you jumping up and down with excitement!


Pre buy is available on all games, be sure to place your bets early so you don’t miss out! Try your luck in Money Tree with the Lucky Jumping Games on Saturday nights!


Terms and Conditions:

Promotion period run 20:00 – 21:00 GMT, Every Saturday of each month
7 games in total will play during the promotion period. Regular top of the hour linked game will play as scheduled
Games are 75-ball, cash only. Ticket costs vary for each game between 25p and 75p
Pre purchase is available on all promotion games